"Damon Finch's security training provides specialized knowledge, wisdom and insight from Damon's many years of experience as a security professional. Damon provides training that I have not found anywhere else. Of all the security trainings that I have taken since 1989, Damon's training gives you the best value and will greatly empower you in your security career because Damon shares his specialized insight about the real life drama of how to handle various security scenarios and the psychological aspects and mental gymnastics that you will encounter on a day to day basis which prepares you and equips you with the security professional's "mindset". Damon is a highly gifted teacher who makes learning specialized information easy to understand and remember. You won't be watching the clock or falling asleep in Damon's class because his classes are lively, interactive and enjoyable. I went for security training and at the end of the class, I take away second hand specialized experience and the opportunity to benefit by Damon's life changing motivational speaking. Damon truly knows the security industry and having him as your instructor is priceless." 

-Marla LaRue, New Windsor, NY


"Your commitment to helping others improve their own lives is commendable. Through your leadership training, motivational seminars, special event planning, fund raising and personal coaching, you have helped hundreds of individuals achieve their personal goals, Your record of success is truly remarkable. You have certainly distinguished yourself as a role model for others in the community." 

-New York State Governor, Eliot Spitzer

“You are playing an important part in the City’s rebuilding and recovery process. We are determined to show the world that we can emerge from these times stronger, more independent and more united than ever before." 

-City of New York Mayor, Rudolph Guliani

"As anyone who has ever met Damon can testify, he is focused, determined, and an energetic young man who dresses for business every day, wherever he is going. He is a true model for the youth of our City." 

-City of Newburgh Mayor, Nicholas Valentine

"We at Cambrit Corp. are pleased with the service that your company provides. It is a much needed resource for security professionals in our area. Your service affords us more time to concentrate on customer service and to seek out new accounts. As you well know, training is the cornerstone of professional security." 

-Peter L. Di Gregorio, Consultant Cambrit Corp.

"Thank you for volunteering to serve the citizens of Orange County." 

-Orange County Executive, Edward A. Diana

"It is with much gratitude that I thank you for the opportunity to work with you. I have been in the Human Resources field for the past ten years, and I must say that the work you do should be commended. The information that I received while participating in your program has been very valuable." 

-Garrett Curry, Original Man Designs

“Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us. Your presentation was dynamic and motivational. So often the families that come to Project LIFE only see temporary solutions to their situations. Some complete their GED and then find minimum wage jobs. Others give up on the dream of having a better life for one reason or another. However after attending the meeting with you, some of the ladies were talking about what “career” they would like to pursue. They were excited and had hope for their future." 

-Project LIFE 


Outstanding, Dynamic and Exceptional Professionalism- Simply the Best! I've taken 3 different courses w/Mr. Finch and fond him to be the epitome of professionalism, courtesy, and politeness, while exuding a dynamic joy for the educational process. I was blown away w/his preparedness and organizational skills for the 3 State Concealed Carry Hand Gun Safety course. It was prodigious what he did for a class of 20 people. Everything we needed to submit for the out of state's licenses was provided, except for necessary postage and state license fees. He is an extremely dynamic, energetic knowledgeable master teacher who welcomes lively class participation, while at the same time keeping you "off-balance" w/his rapid fire teaching style, which I found very engaging. I received my Utah out of state Concealed Carry license in 45days, thanks to Mr. Finch. I am looking forward to taking my 47hr Armed Guard NY state licensing course w/Mr.Finch in the near future. I enjoyed his teaching style and his obvious extensive experience w/security training.

-T.Goldman, New Windsor, NY


 Excellent- Damon Finch Power Sessions is named quite well, since in my experience he empowers his students to enter the field of Security and know what it is to be a high level professional in the business. I have worked in the Security field for over 10 years. I have taken courses year after year while maintaining my licenses in various states. Mr. Damon Finch is very professional and his teaching style was able to reach all of the students in the classes I attended. I would recommend him and plan on attending more classes with him in the future. 

-Lionel Durant, Personal Protection Specialist, Nine Lives Associates Member  


Best Classes Ever-  Classroom time flew by learned a lot in all the many courses I have taken with Damon. He really knows what he's talking about and his hands on Training for Firearms safety was the most informational course I have ever taken. If you are ever thinking about Security and or Armed Security or just Firearms Safety I HIGHLY Recommend Damon Finch Power Sessions!

- Justin M in Walden, NY  


The Cornerstone of Professional Public Safety Training!- "Excellent" is the correct term I would use to describe the experience that Damon Finch and Damon Finch Power Sessions offers to those who attend the classes. A great atmosphere! The cornerstone of public safety training! I renew my 8hr security guard training every year and have recently taken his 6hr defensive driving course as well. Mr. Finch KNOWS his business and KNOWS how to articulate this to his students. His lectures are fun, interesting, mature, professional and easy to follow. I highly recommend you take and or try out these classes offered at http://www.damonfinch.com/ If you'd like to take a class and don't want a boring, lame, expensive and tiresome instructor and prefer the lectures offered as I have described them above then you won't be disappointed! Sometimes a new perspective is exactly what you need and that's exactly what I got! I am grateful to have met Mr. Finch and look forward to taking other classes or renewing current ones - Quick and easy! 

-SunTzu, New Windsor, NY


Best place to learn-Mr. Damon Finch has the best learning environment in all NY. He is a Master at what he does; you will leave his class with plentiful knowledge. He goes far and beyond his duties as an instructor. He also helped me get a great paying job in the field of security. Thank you Mr. Finch. 

-Ismael Crespo, Mahopac NY 


I really enjoyed my time with Damon Finch Power Sessions. Mr. Finch is a "down to earth," regular guy who has a good sense of humor and many fascinating stories. 

-Julian Romero, Howells N


Thank you for your armed guard training class. I very much enjoyed your teaching style and you made the class understand the true fundamentals of the profession. Thank you and good luck! 

-W. Moran, Conwall-On-The-Hudson

I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for the 47 Armed Guard training.. well I was very impressed. I left full of knowledge and training. I look forward in taking other classes that Damon has to offer.

-Nakiya Brown


Damon taught me more in the 47 hours about firearm safety, self defense and Penal Law than I have learned in the last 15 years. His hands on approach, deep knowledge and genuine passion for what he teaches, makes his class interesting, informative and effective. I would recommend him to anyone looking to get into the field of security work.

-Anthony Meoli

Great instructors and they deliver a lot of knowledge in their classes. I actually drove an hour and a half for my Armed in-service as well as HR 218 and will be making the trip again next year! Check them out you won't be disappointed!

-Scott DiMonda

Damon teaches more effectively than many graduate school professors by using humor,candor, and positivity to get the subject matter across. I intend to take additional training with him because he is a subject matter expert who has a very skillful and unique style. A gold mine of information. I highly recommend!

-Rich Gunn

I took my eight hour security training with Damon Finch, it was such a powerful informative class. I'm looking forward to the 16 hour and armed security guard training as well! 

-Millie Simon

The class was not boring, but more upbeat, easy going and informative. I would recommend his sessions for anyone looking to achieve a license in this field.

-Anthony Davis

Damon class is Great, he's a great instructor, teacher and motivator, even better he makes sure you're having fun while you do it, I went in wanting to set goals and break them, and left wanting to not just break my goals, but smash them to pieces,leaving them dead in the street, thank you Damon Finch.

-Marks Odinson

What a GREAT experience!
After completing my 8hr, 16hr, and 47hr. training sessions, I cannot express how much I have taken away from them, and look forward to taking more training with him. Mr. Finch is an EXPERT in his field, and can convey his knowledge in ways that are professional, but in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that makes learning enjoyable. I do not think its possible to gain this much training without spending many more hours, and many, MANY more dollars elsewhere!

-Ross Fischetti

I have been a return student of Mr. Finch for the last 6 or 7 years. I received my security certification the first year N.Y.S. initiated this requirement, while employed by a very large computer manufacturing company here in the Hudson Valley. I was 2 & 3rd shift manager of security-EMT-fire & hazmat response before being assigned information security and storage interfacing with 3rd party storage vendor Iron Mountain. So, I've sat through some very tedious and sleep inducing training sessions over the years. I commend Power Sessions on its dynamic, entertaining, information laden presentations of what could very well be a litany of very boring information. Damon makes its fresh each and every time I've attended. I have and will continue to refer students to him. Keep up the good work!

-Harold Kimble

For two years I was looking for the full NYS Security Armed Guard Course and was frustrated beyond belief on finding a competent instructor until I was fortunate to find Damon Finch. I just completed his 8 hr 16 hr & 47 hr class and WOW - what a positive experience! I felt compelled to give this review as I am a NRA Instructor & Utah Conceal Carry Instructor; so believe me, I know what it takes to convey the multitude of information required to handle firearms safely & efficiently. Damon is a professional and maintains a high level of text book & real world instructional techniques. His concern is that the student just does not "get it" but understands what is required to be a Security professional at all levels. Thank you Damon for answering and clarifying all of my multitude of questions these past several weeks! I HIGHLY recommend anyone to Damon Finch who is interested in pursuing a Security career! BRAVO!

-NY FireSol

Energized and knowledgeable, Damon Finch's Power Sessions have been my go-to for all security training. The entertaining yet professional attitude enables a much more fun and engaging take to convey the importance of security fundamentals and real world insight.

-Christopher Fejes

I just want to say thanks to Damon Finch Power Sessions for a great teaching last week, I enjoyed your class you are a great instructor. I would highly recommend you to family and friends.

-Fern Murdock

Informative and realistic very much worth the price.

-T&T Auto

I've attended almost every course Damon has offered. I look forward to future courses. Damon is a first class instructor. He will keep you engaged and challenged all day. His energy is endless and he will do everything in his power to secure your future employment. I feel very fortunate to have not only learned a great deal from him, but also to have participated in his details!

-Anthony LaRocca

When I first took a class I was not sure I was going to like it because right off the bat it was jokes after jokes. I had just come off a midnight shift and was very tired and right away to was jokes about me wearing my security badge on my jacket as that was my uniform. As we went through the day it was much better and loved his jokes. It kept the class motivated and knowledgable. Without reading from a text book and watching boring videos all day. Hands down the best class and instructor out there.

-Trisha Jackson 

I recently completed both my 8 and 16 hr courses through Damon Finch. I have nothing but good things to say about the way he teaches and how fair his prices are. He has passion for his job and he makes the day fly. If you want to make security your profession, Damon Finch Power Sessions is the place for you!!!

-Nick Spencer

Made it fun and very knowledgeable. The teachers were also hilarious.

-Matt Mushalla

The State of New York requires a handgun safety course prior to buying a handgun and going in I thought this is going to be a drag. I have to tell you because of Damon and his enthusiasm as an instructor I thoroughly enjoyed the course. He is very knowledgeable and makes it entertaining. I strongly recommend his services and would definitely go to him again if I required one of his courses.

-Jeffrey Laviano

Marginal instructor who seems to have a problem with law enforcement, likes to make distasteful jokes regarding their honesty. Seems to me like a guy who wanted to be a Police office but for some reason never made it or if he was one thinks that all cops are dishonest. Sad really to see someone so bitter.

-Don Clap

In a previous review a gentleman indicated that he was not happy with his experience while attending one of my courses. He indicated that I appeared to be ant-law enforcement. I have been a protector in the private and public industries for over 25 years, I have trained countless future, present and past protectors, I fully support my brothers and sisters in blue. Most likely whatever was stated by me that offended the man was taken out of context. It is my responsibility as a public safety instructor to educate my students about the realities of life and their constitutional rights, if my statements are not as politically correct as a person may want I apologize for offending.

-Damon Finch

Awesome Classes I took his classes and got a job almost immediately.. going back to take more classes to further my education thanks to him I know alot more about the industry.

-Aaron Hassell

Absolutely excellent class Damon is a class act and knows how to teach fun with techniques on the do's and dont's of the security world that will stick in your head , because there are many things that can go wrong especially in the world we live in today. Once again true professional awesome guy and i came from yonkers to nyack to take well worth it ! I would'a paid 175$ for 3 days just to get his knowledge on life without a license no joke.

-Mike Portanova

The only Security Officer class you should take is this one. Damon is an excellent instructor. No, I am not a paid actor. You can't go wrong !!!

-Michael Joseph Schluter

Been a student of Damon's multiple times and will continue to train with him. 

-Jim Di Perna

Knowledgable instructors, fun classes, professionally conducted, covers all bases - a great experience while helping me achieve my goal. 

-Blair Wiseman

His sessions are fun, interactive and educational whether it's a full class or a class of three. Thanks Mr. Finch looking forward to my next session.  

-Deron Dunn

Enjoyed his class. Learning is interactive where you don't even realize all that you've actually been taught until you start answering various questions.

-Tyrone Moultrie 

Very good instructor I love his classes I highly recommend this young man ‼️ 

-Terry R Wilson

Awesome business ethics! Mr. Finch is very informative and easy to talk with.

-Tylon Ross