Admissions Requirements for Certification Courses
With exception to our driving and medical courses, we do not accept students under age 18 in our training programs; however, special permission may be granted. Students under age 18 will be required to have release forms signed by a parent or guardian and we may elect to create special programs for that demographic in the future. Students must provide the following prior to or concurrent with enrollment: Evidence of prerequisites listed on each course as advertised. If a person is not in possession of the appropriate prerequisite we may elect to refuse to serve the individual until he/she is in compliance.

Enrollment Procedures - Certificate Programs
Enrollments are accepted on a daily basis. Student must attend an orientation and begin on the "Start" date or the beginning of the semester period. An applicant enrolling in a Certificate Program must fill out the Student Enrollment Agreement for the program of their choice and a payment plan, if they are financing their tuition. If the student is not paying in full and wish to make payment arrangements from either their checking account or credit card, there are several payment plans available, but we can accept cash, electronic funds transfers, check-free financing or Visa, MasterCard or Discover methods of personal financing. Students will select the time period in which they can complete their training according to their ability to pay.

Non-Discrimination Policy
We admit students of any race, sex, color, creed, national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, creed, national, or ethnic origin in the administration of its policies. We will not knowingly admit a student who holds such creeds and will expel any student once discovered without further explanation.

Withdrawal Policy and Procedures
Any student wishing to withdraw must contact the Operations Director by way of personal interview or written notice. The effective date of withdrawal will be the official date of termination of the student.


Student Conduct
A student will be terminated from training immediately for any of the following reasons: Failure to follow instructions, Reckless or dangerous behavior, Failure to attend training sessions, Falsifying information given, Objectionable behavior in or out of class setting. Re-admission will take place at the sole discretion of the administration.

Upon completion of a final examination, attendees will receive their certification certificate to be sent to NYS. Upon successfully completing the Damon Finch Power Sessions security training packages you will receive your certificate(s). 100% attendance in class is mandatory to receive the certificate(s).

Attendance Policy
Students are expected to attend all training class sessions in their particular program. Excuse from attendance may be authorized only by an officer or instructor. Failure to attend may result in dismissal. Re-admittance will take place at the sole discretion of the administration. Depending on the requirements of each program the amount of absences may differ, administration will have to follow each courses attendance rules, i.e. Students of the NYS Security Guard courses must have 100% attendance in order to complete training.

Cancellation / Refund Policy
To receive a refund, you must notify DFPS in writing at least 5 business days prior to the start of the course. All cancellations will be charged a 10% cancellation fee. A full tuition penalty is charged for unattended courses canceled less than 5 business days prior to the start date of the course. Understand that the fee for courses $199 or less is non-refundable in the event that you cancel or miss class prior to 5 business days. For courses that are $199 or more: we unconditionally refund course enrollment price less cancellation fee listed on agreements to any client as long as they cancel within the agreed time listed on their contract. Your fee covers your registration, training and /or job placement assistance. Understand that all checks are subject to a $50 returned check fee. While every effort will be made to assist in job placement, the final responsibility is the applicants. Damon Finch Power Sessions do not promise employment or guarantee employment at the conclusion of the course. Our industry has no standard practice with respect to refunds.

Our policy is the same, as follows: In the event that you miss class you must make up the time at the convenience of Damon Finch Power Sessions and will be charged a $10 rescheduling fee. This policy is designed to limit our risk since cancellations cannot be avoided.


Tuition and Fees
Tuition and fees for various programs offered are published in the student agreement forms. Contract prices are honored for one year subsequent to signing the agreement. Thereafter, prices are subject to change. Tuition is subject to change without notice unless the applicant has been accepted by Admissions. Tuition must be paid in full prior to completing any course. DFPS will accept cash, checks, money order or credit card as form of payment. Checks must be made payable to Damon Finch Power Sessions at least 5 days prior to class.


Timely Payments
We encourage each student to pay in full his/her tuition balance due to us upon completion of any of our programs. We will not allow a student to attend their final day of class until full payment is made to us.

Delinquent Accounts
Our policy for collecting delinquent accounts is through a well-controlled accounts receivable procedure. Several attempts will be made to collect legal debts. Failure to collect will result in legal action. Enrollment will terminate, certification withdrawn (if allowed by law), and files kept with prejudice.

Re-Admission Policy
A student who has been dismissed or withdrawn from a training course of instruction may reapply by arranging a personal meeting with the Operations Director. The decision reached in conference will be final. Students who cancel or terminate a certificate program may re-enroll with full credit for tuition paid towards their chosen program, plus pre-arranged cancellation fee for a period of 1 year. After 1 year, we are not obligated to preserve records and may not be able to validate claims of tuition paid and lessons completed. In such cases, the administration will make a good faith effort to reconstitute records, but cannot guarantee success

Right to Refuse Training
Due to the extremely serious and sensitive nature of certain training that we provide, we reserve the right to refuse training to anyone. We reserve the right to refuse admission to any person who has a felony conviction or record of mental instability. Physical disabilities will be considered on a case by case basis.

Training Component
There are various types of training we specialize in. We offer a free consultation to our clients depending on their goals and objectives. We encourage them to contact us to discuss our cost effective training services. Our services consist of various types of training geared toward self-empowerment. These courses are given in a classroom, office, seminar or individual setting. 

By attending our courses they will learn the skills required for lifelong learning, goal setting and self-sufficiency. We will encourage good citizenship and will educate them on assuming personal responsibility for their behavior. We will instill ethical behavior, civic values, respecting diversity, positive peer interactions, communication, substance abuse awareness and work ethic.

We will provide opportunities for students to make positive contributions to community life and to practice skill development. We have a clear picture of helping countless individuals meet their full potential through education and guidance.

Damon Finch Power Sessions has a reputation for providing excellent career training to students. When employers come to hire our graduates, they know they are getting the best trained students.

All applicants are required to complete a personal information sheet. During a personal interview with our admissions staff, we review their career goals to help them find the right program to fit their needs. Applicants then complete an enrollment agreement and confirm financial planning. Every individual will be given the opportunity to tour the facility and enroll in the next available class.

Job Referral Services
We refer graduates to potential clients and employers and will do so for as long as the graduate remains in the industry. Moreover, we will provide job placement assistance for clients who maintain a relationship with us as their human resource center.

We encourage every student who receives a certificate of training to use us as a reference on any job application. We will give the best possible recommendations, based on test scores and personal evaluations of the student.

We do not guarantee placement as a result of training at our academy. No academy or school can legally claim guaranteed placement. Schools and universities have only their reputation for the quality of their instruction and caliber of their staff to trade on in the market place.

We will educate our graduates about employment opportunities by identifying public and private agencies, industries, companies, and individuals who demonstrate a need for their services.

We will assist our graduates with their careers for both entry and management level positions, and for temporary and long term employment. We have a vested interest in the continued success of its graduates, since our reputation is linked to successful career achievements of its graduates.

Graduates must accept responsibility for their own career job search with the understanding that we will provide reasonable assistance upon request. Reasonable assistance may include referrals to available positions, access to industry information, career planning and advisement, as well as recommendations to prospective employers of our graduates.

Our recommendations and referrals for jobs in the field will be based upon the staff's objective judgment of character and capabilities of each student as demonstrated by scores achieved while involved with the training, and verified information gathered from the "Personal History Questionnaire." Our efforts towards placement in the students industry will be aimed at positions commensurate with each graduate's level of experience, education and ability.

To be eligible for referrals, a graduate must be in good academic and financial standing with us and, further, must complete all necessary forms and supply all necessary information as requested. Failure of a graduate to supply information is evidence that the graduate does not require assistance