ASHI Instructor Development Course

August 25, 27
Part 1: Aug 25: 11am-3pm
Part 2: Aug 27: 8:30am-5pm
Instructor: Damon Finch


Certification Period     Up to 2 years
Prerequisites               Adult, Infant & Child: CPR, AED & Basic First Aid 
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Cost                            $199.
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Become an instructor and start your own business or have an internal cost effective CPR training program for your employees.  Fee includes IDC Materials, Training Center Manual and Training Center setup guidelines. 

During this course you will learn new methods that involve, influence and facilitate adult learning while refining your teaching skills. The course covers a proven, standardized method of teaching topics like First aid, CPR and AED with high effectiveness. You will also be provided with the reasons and dynamics behind each topic or visual presentation.


The goal of the IDC is to provide Instructor candidates a strong foundation in teaching knowledge and skill. The fundamental objective is to help candidates develop the confidence and competence to teach, evaluate, and certify students in ASHI Training Programs. Participants will learn to use a variety of instructional strategies in an environment that encourages positive group interaction and active learning.

Authorization as an ASHI Instructor requires successful completion of a 50-question written exam of the candidate's instructional knowledge. The course material upon which the exam is based will require the candidate to describe how the knowledge objectives of the IDC are to be met, i.e., self-instruction using the Student Handbook, an ASHI-approved online program, or classroom presentation by an ASHI-authorized IT.

Additionally, each candidate must be assessed by an ASHI-authorized Instructor Trainer as he or she:
1. Presents a 5-10-minute preassigned lecture/discussion in a small group setting.
2. Presents a 5-10-minute preassigned skill using one of the following instructional strategies:
a. Whole-Part-Whole method
b. Peer Training methods
c. Practice-While-Watching method
d. Performance Evaluation


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