NYS Department of Homeland Security
40hr Enhanced Security Guard Training Course
 Only $199 or $149 with discounts


Save: $25 Discount, with proof of current CPR/First Aid/AED

Additional $25 Discount, with proof of completion of FEMA ICS-100 & IS-700 by 1st day of class. For additional information and free training Click here 

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The Enhanced Security Guard Program is intended to support and complement the current security guard training and counter terrorism efforts in the State of New York. Through this program, security guards will gain an increased level of training and knowledge pertaining to security concerns and terrorism related issues in support of their role as security specialists and the responsibilities inherent within the purview of their profession.

All students must be Security Guards as defined in the New York State General Business and Executive Laws or management/staff members working within, for, or with a licensed security entity. The New York State Office of Homeland Security Enhanced Security Guard Training Program is an extension of previously provided training governed by New York State Law. Therefore, security guards receiving this training must have satisfactorily completed all necessary training requirements. 

This Course is intended to provide attendees with the training and skills necessary to:

  • improve observation, detection and reporting skills;
  • improve coordination with local police, fire and emergency services;
  • provide and improve skills in working with advanced security technology including surveillance and access control procedures.

Class Time: 9am-5pm
Location: 171 Main Street, Nyack Ny 10960

CPR, First Aid, AED
Sections 11, IS-700, ICS-100
IS-700 National Incident Management System (NIMS) an Introduction
ICS-100 Introduction to Incident Command System

Sections 1-4
Introduction- Historical Perspectives
Civil and Criminal Law- Theory and Application
Information Gathering and Sharing
Terrorism Indicators and Trends
Sections 5-8
Anti-Surveillance Efforts
Prevention and Physical Security- Vulnerability Assessment Awareness
Security and Safety Emergency Planning
Fundamentals of Patrol- Access Control 
Sections 8-11, AWR-160, WMD
Fundamentals of Patrol- Access Control 
Fundamentals of Patrol- Communications, Cooperation, and Public Relations
WMD Standardized Awareness
IS-700 National Incident Management System (NIMS) an Introduction

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Training Materials and Handouts

Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate of completion and the login information for all student handouts and training booklets. Students that have already completed the course may download the materials by clicking here