Damon Finch

Motivational Speaker and Sales Trainer

Damon Finch has been a personal coach since 1993; he has worked with and educated various people from all walks of life on developing their inner goals. His energized approach to self-empowerment has been beneficial for the thousands of people he has served. His motto is to have fun and stay focused.

If you have ever attended one of his live seminars, you would agree that his fast paced, energetic, thought stimulating communication skills could only be compared to a whirl wind of entertainment and still is results driven, focused on the success of all. He truly cares about every individual he serves and spends the time and attention necessary to insure that the message is delivered in a way that all can understand.

Some of the people he has served includes members of the U.S. government, public officials, law enforcement, N.Y. State Department of Labor, The Shorenstein Company, Commonwealth Gas Company, Citigroup, Edward S. Gordon Company Inc., Morgan Stanley, inc., Bertlesman Music Group, Securitas Corp., SIMAT USA, inc., The Cathedral Church of St. Divine, American Museum of the Moving Image, The Frick Collection, hundreds of private security firms and countless others.

His psychology of success, ideas and strategies on how to reach your spiritual, family, financial and physical goals has been influenced by the many powerful leaders he has studied. Adapting the concepts of: Napoleon Hill, Anthony Robbins, Tom Hopkins, Oprah Winfrey, Dale Carnegie, Les Brown, John Maxwell and many more. He understands that the quickest way to accomplish long time success is to duplicate what has already worked for successful people and this will truly compress timeframes.

Damon Finch has communicated his message to over 30,000 people in his career. He has coached the unemployed to the financially independent, from the blue-collar worker to the celebrity. He believes that everyone has the ability to reach their ultimate goals and the only thing that is stopping them, is themselves.


Executive Protection & Security Specialist / Instructor

Damon Finch has been in public safety since 1989. As a United States Air Force Security Policeman he was charged with protecting government personnel, assets and information essential to national security. He served and trained in various capacities including;  Missile Security, Convoy Actions, Capture and Recovery of Nuclear Weapons, Air Base Ground Defense, Emergency Services Team and Infantry.


After leaving the military he served in various capacities in the private sector: Background Investigator, Pre-Employment Screener, Audits and Inspections, Specialized Training Instructor and Account Manager for various levels of security stemming from Security Guards to Close Protection Specialists. He is a graduate of Executive Protection Institute (EPI), certified as a Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) and a member of the Nine Lives Associates (NLA).


He is currently the owner of Damon Finch Power Sessions Est. 2003 that is certified to instruct NYDCJS Armed and Unarmed Security, NRA Law Enforcement Handgun/Shotgun Courses, various NRA civilian disciplines, NYS Dept of Homeland Security Enhanced Trainer/Student Courses, various ASHI Medical disciplines and various NTSI Driving Instruction disciplines. He has worked/ managed hundreds of security details over the years and has hundreds of letters of appreciation on file. Damon has performed services for the public, private and celebrity industries.



Certifications & Specialty Training

Public Safety - Community First Aid and Safety Instructor * CPR/AED Instructor * NYC Fire Safety Director  * NYS Dept. of Homeland Security Enhanced Security Guard Instructor * NYS Emergency Medical Technician * NYS General Topics & Armed Security Guard Instructor * NTSI Defensive Driving Instructor * Crime Prevention and Safety Training * K-9 Training * Police Academy * Security Operations and Duties Training * NRA Law Enforcement Handgun & Shotgun Instructor * NRA Civilian Instructor: Home Firearm Safety, Certified Pistol, Personal Protection In The Home, Cerified Shotgun * NRA Range Safety Officer * Utah Concealed Firearms Instructor

Financial Services - NASD Securities and Investments Training * NYS 1st and 2nd Mortgage Agent * NYS Accidental and Health Insurance Agent * NYS Life Insurance Agent * NYSDOS Real Estate Broker Instructor * NYSDOS Real Estate Sales Agent Instructor * NYS Notary Public 

Education & Career Development - NYS Coalition of Career Schools- Methods of Occupational Instruction * NYSDOL Job Development, Retention and Advancement Training * Tom Hopkins Sales Techniques * Customer Service Certifications * First Quality Service Certification * Harvard Business School Management Certification











Scholar, Author, Soldier, Speaker- Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

Executive/ Celebrity Protection Details

Damon Finch
Adina Howard & Talent
R&B Singer Adina Howard & Comedian Talent
Actor/Comedian Tony Rock, Ent. Promoter Sean Dew & Actor/Comedian Guy Torry
Promoter Sean Dew & Comedian Drew Frasier
Ent. Promoter Sean Dew & Comedian Drew Frasier
David Allen Grier
Actor/Comedian David Allen Grier

Actor/Musician, Anthony 'Treach' Criss- Naughty By Nature

Musician Vinnie Brown, Naughty BY Nature
Actor, Writer, Comedian- Paul Mooney

Comedians Talent & Damon Williams

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